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The Full Story


Bryant Bain has always had a passion for food. Born a Texan, Bryant moved to Memphis in 2012 working in IT. After meeting and marrying his wife Heather, he started picking up cooking again in 2019. What started as selling food to friends out of his house on Facebook - turned into a full blown award winning food truck in 2021. Unfortunately, financial troubles closed the truck on October 10th 2021, but Bryant and Heather found the right partner and bought a restaurant in Memphis's historic Cooper Young district in January of 2022. With all of the extra space (and Bryant's previous experience with Kolaches),

Bain Barbecue & Bakery was born!

Bain_Barbecue _ Bakery-overview1.jpg


Our Bakery opened February 23rd, 2022. We specialize in making Kolaches, Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, & Cakes.


We prepare these baked goods fresh each day, and have full time bakers on staff to ensure the highest quality!



Our Barbecue service started June 10th, 2022. We are known for the best Brisket in Memphis! We use the highest quality meat sourced from Creekstone Farms in Oklahoma. We have the largest offset smoker in the tri state area, which was custom built for our restaurant. Each day we serve brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage (made in house), and turkey.

Our sides are also made in house. We are known for our Mac & Cheese, but you can't go wrong with anything you try!

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